Joining a Twin Cities Nonprofit Board

Are you looking to volunteer to help your community and engage in causes you care about? Do you want to apply your professional experience in unique ways and become a leader in your community? MAP recruits board members for Twin Cities-based nonprofit organizations. Interested?

Then watch this and fill out our board service application.

Board Service

If you’ve watched the video above, you know a little more about what serving on a board means, fill out our board service application to apply now! We can’t guarantee you a board position, but if a nonprofit organization is seeking someone with your qualifications and interests, we’ll be in touch.

Nonprofit organizations seek individuals who are willing to commit to a term of office, connect to mission and engage actively in the work of the board and the organization. They seek board members who have experience in finance, fundraising, marketing, strategic planning and other areas, and are often interested in candidates with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Nonprofit board service is a great way to use your professional and personal experience to help those around you!

If this fits you, please apply to volunteer and join a nonprofit board, and start making a difference in your community!