2016: Transitioning toward Retirement

After 19 years as the executive director of MAP, I plan to retire in late 2016. 

Not only is this a great time to me to venture into my next life chapter, it’s also a good time for MAP, where we’re seeing record service levels, new program growth, a strong board of directors, savvy staff members and financial stability.

KMBT_C554-20160405160301As difficult as it will be to separate from this work I have loved, it’s nice to have months to plan and prepare a smooth transition. I have an image in my mind of landing a plane, and setting her down ever so gently in a grassy field. It’s been an honor to lead MAP – an organization that plays a role in how the sector strengthens itself amidst never ending changes and challenges. It’s also been an honor to work with one of the best nonprofit communities in the country, and to be invited to work nationally on sector challenges and opportunities.  While I’m preparing MAP for a smooth transition, the MAP Board is preparing to search for my replacement, and is also exploring opportunities for a potential strategic alliance or restructuring that would propel MAP’s mission and the strategic partner’s mission forward.

We’ve learned in our research and consulting experience that the juncture of a planned executive departure is a great time for an organization to pause and do a thorough job of looking for a strategic partner. To that end, we are reviewing partnership opportunities for their potential to advance mission, financial strength, enhance a partner’s strength and produce a complementary culture.

I’m learning a lot about what it takes to prepare an organization for its next chapter and a lot about preparing myself for “outboarding.” I plan to share those nuggets with you as the year unfolds. More soon.

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