Strengthen Board

An effective, engaged board of directors is a valuable asset to an organization. Your organization benefits when board members engage with one another to develop healthy governance practices, and effective structure. MAP is the region’s leading provider of board training and board recruiting. Call us today.

Public Board Training Session

See our classes for information on regularly-scheduled Board Boot Camps, Tips to Transform your Board and Board Chair training.

Board Boot Camp on Wheels

Bring board training to your board and key staff members. An experienced MAP trainer will present Board Boot Camp (basic training) or the more interactive Tips to Transform Your Board to your group. Expect one preparatory discussion with your trainer, followed by a two-and-a-half hour training session that will enlighten your board on roles and responsibilities, get your board members on the same page, and provide a great occasion for members to come together and interact in a relaxed learning mode. For Twin Cities locations, the fee can be as low as $800, depending upon the number of participants, and other factors. Participants receive our comprehensive Board Boot Camp manual, and related materials.

Board Training, Customized

Customized board training is designed by you and your MAP consultant to meet the needs of your board and organization. Expect a consultative approach and multiple conversations, allowing time for your trainer to learn about your organization, bylaws and board, and a customized training session that achieves more focused objectives. For example, this training may focus on how to conduct robust board conversations, or focus on training the board in the ‘ambassador’ role or on delineating roles and responsibilities in your organization, or another board-development related topic. The fee for a customized board training session in the Twin Cities generally ranges from $800-1,500 depending on the customization needed,  length of the workshop (generally two-and-a-half to three hours), number of participants, and materials.


Strategic Board Development

Sometimes, boards seek a more transformative development that requires more than one training session. Our Strategic Board Development includes a confidential self-assessment, created and administered to board members and the executive director, followed by a review and discussion of the results, training, and a board development action plan. The fee varies based upon the extent of the project but usually runs between $1,500-4,500.


Are you trying to build a board of directors from the ground up? We will coach you on the right tools and processes, including the processes related to recruiting new board members. Our consultant will meet with you, learn about your organization. and then provide you with helpful coaching and specific tools you can adapt for your continuing use. The Board-Building package includes three hours of coaching, electronic templates for board agendas, board calendars, board applications, board policies, board profile worksheet, new board member application, a board member orientation recommendations and more. There’s important strategy embedded in some of the tools, which your coach will highlight. Your coach will help you to understand how to customize the materials for your organization; provide information and answer questions. Necessary. Efficient. Useful. $600. Contact Jennifer Kramm at email or at 651-632-7238.

Board Development Coaching

One-on-one coaching is sometimes exactly what a founder, executive or board chair needs in order to create a good board structure and practices. Board development coaching is provided starting at $150 an hour.

Board Retreats, Strategic Conversations

Make the most of your board retreat by hiring an experienced governance consultant to assist you with planning and conducting your board retreat or strategic conversation. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with an estimated cost.

Board Recruiting

Best on Board®, recruits and interviews interested board candidates year round. When a nonprofit organization needs to reach beyond their usual sources for board members, they contact us.  We assess how successful we will be meeting their recruitment needs, and if it looks promising, we dive into our pool of candidates looking for the right matches. More on Best on Board®.

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