Succession Planning

Liderazgo FemeninoOrganizations conduct succession planning to prepare in advance for  the departure and replacement of top leaders – even when those leaders aren’t planning to go anywhere soon.

The planning produces a jump start to an executive search, should one be needed, because it identifies the skills and critical competencies that the organization needs from the person occupying the position.

Succession planning also strengthens the pool of talent within an organization. Once skills and critical competencies are identified for each leadership role, the Succession Planning Team identifies where else in the organization those skills/competencies exist, and where development plans are needed to prepare existing staff for potential future roles with the organization. Succession planning  preparedness allows executive replacement processes to begin more quickly when needed and proceed more smoothly, minimizing the risk organizations sometimes face when undergoing a change in leadership. Succession planning focuses recruitment efforts on needed skills and competencies. The succession process is different than an executive search process.

Succession planning, right-sized for the organization, is a recommended practice.

Guiding Organizations through the Process

In response to the importance of succession planning in the nonprofit community, MAP strategy consultants are now helping organizations to conduct and embed succession strategy into their organizations.

Our consultant will facilitate the work of your Succession Planning Team through a process that:

  • Identifies the leadership skills and critical competencies needed in key leadership positions (for example, the CEO and his or her direct reports)
  • Identifies potential succession candidates for leadership positions  and if the candidates are internal, frames the development experiences that could help them to prepare for the future position
  • Identifies when an external candidate is likely to be needed, and may identify specific external people of interest.

The final report captures results, guides implementation and helps to embed succession planning into leaders’ ongoing duties.


Consulting fees will vary based upon your organization’s size and interests. Let’s talk, and if you’re interested, our consultants will prepare a project proposal.

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