Classes and Workshops


Whether you are new to board service, are an experienced board member  or are serving as a board chair, MAP for Nonprofits has training that will help you to understand your role, responsibilities and to perform effectively. MAP is the premier provider of board training in Minnesota and beyond, training more than 1300 individuals in 2016.


Board Boot Camp

Are you currently serving on your first nonprofit board or would you like to better understand nonprofit board service before you commit to serving on a board?


Transform Your Board

Do you have board experience but want to take your board service and your board to the next level?


Board Chair Training

This training covers topics for the new board chair or the board chair who hasn’t had formal training in chairing a nonprofit board.

Finance Training Opportunities

Through our new partner, Nonprofits Assistance Fund, you can access finance expertise, resources and training, including webinars, workshops and customized training.



High Impact Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Do organizations benefit when leaders are adept at emotional intelligence? According to the research, absolutely! Studies of successful leaders show that emotional intelligence accounts for more than twice IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be successful.

Strategies for the New Executive Director

Join our gathering of new executive directors to reflect and learn away from your fast-paced job.  This session is best suited for new executive directors of existing organizations. We’ll share ideas and resources related to governance, finance, leadership, strategic planning and more