On-Demand Webinars

You can watch, listen and learn from your computer! We offer three on-demand webinars: 1) Board Boot Camp 2) Finding Success in Succession Planning and 3) Executive Director Performance Reviews. Participate in on-demand webinars from the comfort of your home or office, at the time that best suits your schedule. These webinars are previously recorded. After registering, you will receive links to the webinar and all course materials.

On-Demand: Board Boot Camp

Would you like to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members?

Participants in Board Boot Camp Learn:

  • The difference between nonprofit and for-profit entities and board service
  • Legal considerations
  • Board member “must do” roles and responsibilities
  • How to be an effective board member

This training is an ideal for prospective board members, existing board members, nonprofit executives and nonprofit staff members.

Registration Fee: $55

The Board Boot Camp On-Demand webinar is free for persons who work for MAP supporting companies. MAP Leaders Circles participants receive a 20 percent discount. The fee includes the Board Boot Camp Participant Guide, and Fiduciary Duties of Directors of Charitable Organizations.

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On-Demand: Finding Success in Succession Planning

What would your organization achieve if you invested in building your key people assets?

Succession planning identifies and nurtures your leadership pipeline.  Strengths-based succession planning not only builds a more “leaderful” culture, it yields the critical bench-strength so many nonprofits lack in times of an increasingly mobile workforce. In this webinar, Christine Hammes, MAP director of Strategic Development, demonstrates how succession planning identifies what an organization most needs from its top leadership and assesses what potential internal candidates have already and/or need to develop to prepare for future roles. The outcome of succession planning is a talent pipeline and a plan to keep it flowing. Participants receive a succession planning packet via email after registering.

Participants Learn:

  • A process and tools to use in succession planning

Registration Fee: $55

MAP Leaders Circles participants receive a 20 percent discount. The fee includes a Succession Planning packet.

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On-Demand: Executive Director Performance Reviews

It’s the responsibility of the nonprofit board of directors to complete a review of the organization’s executive employee each year. A well-planned and focused review process creates a platform for good communication, addresses issues before they become big problems, clarifies goals and objectives and may even raise new opportunities.

Participants in Executive Director Performance Reviews:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the importance of doing performance reviews
  • Understand best practices in regards to an effective review process
  • Learn legal considerations in the review process
  • Get tips on handling under-performance situations and termination

Registration Fee: $55

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